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1: Favourite Harry Potter Book & Movie of all time.

Both are Prisoner of Azkaban

2: Your favourite female character.

Hermione, nearly wrote Bellatrix though!

3: Your least favourite female character

Lavender Brown meddling cow

4: Your favourite male character


5: Your least favourite male character

Lockhart, so annoying, so fake!

6: Your favourite ship


7:Your least favourite ship


8: The most touching, emotion scene in the seven books when you almost or really cried.

Snape’s memory part in the Deathly Hallows

9: One liked Gryffindor; Hufflepuff, Rawenclaw and Slytherin student.

Ron, Cedric, Luna, Draco

10: What kind of magical pet would you have?

Cat :)

11:  What kind of wand would you have?

According to Pottermore (and I agree) 12 ¼ inch Maple, slightly springy with Phoenix Feather core.

12: Which Hogwarts house do you belong in?


13: Choose one, two or three person which would be your best friends.

Ron and probably Luna, also genuinely think I could tame Draco ;)

14: Which is your favourite lesson?

Defence Against the Dark Arts or Transfiguration

15: Which is your least favourite lesson?

Ancient Runes or Herbology

16: Your favourite spell.


17: Your patronus corporeal form.

I would say possibly some form of dog, although I’m not sure how you know your patronus?

18: Which subjects would you choose N.E.W.T.?

Defense Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration and either Charms or Potions (or both).

19: What house elf would be your favourite? or you don’t like house elves?

Dobby is the obvious choice, although I do have a soft spot for Kreacher.

20: If you are in a Harry Potter universe, would you be  Muggle-born., Half-blood, or pure blood?

Muggle-born, no one understands my love for Harry Potter :(

21: Your favourite professor

Snape or McGonnagall

22: Your least favourite professor

Umbridge bitch!

23: Favourite School Spirit

Peeves heehehe

24: Favourite Headmaster


25: Would you be in a Quidditch team? If so, which position?

Yes! Seeker :)

26: Favourite horcrux and hallow.

Horcrux - The ring Hallow - The cloak

27: Death eaters or order the phoenix

Errrrm Order of the Phoenix duh!

28: You can bring three characters back from the dead, which characters would they be?

Fred, Lupin and Dobby

29: If you were J.K.Rowling, how would you do the future scene? Shippings, kids etc

Exactly as it was, except Luna and Neville should be together and no child would be named SCORPIUS?! or ALBUS SEVERUS hello 21st century!

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